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Christmas Island

Enjoy Fishing in Christmas Island





A trip of a lifetime that you need to make happen multiple times in your life, Christmas Island sets itself apart from other salt water destinations with its miles of hard packed sand flats that are frequented by numerous Bones and Giant Trevally. CXI is the spot to go for those that truly enjoy sight fishing and the rush of the hunt.
Everset Outfitters partners with Fly Water Travel to provide anglers with the best possible travel experience. You will have the comfort of all the trip’s details being taken care of and walked through by a professional team as well as a trip host who will accompany you along the way. This trip is not just for the seasoned angler, but for those looking to explore one of the more remote places in the world and find out what salt water fly fishing is all about. The thought that fly fishing may have been designed with Bonefish in mind, CXI has one of the healthiest populations in the world, so no need to be intimidated going here.


May 17-24 Full
May 24-31  5 spots open


Christmas Island




Bonefish, 5 Species of Trevally, Trigger fish, Tuna and more

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Sensory overload is sure to happen while visiting Christmas Island


One of the benefits of traveling to CXI is that you get to enjoy a couple of days in Hawaii, home to some of the biggest bonefish in the world. These fish are varsity level when it comes to intelligence, so you have to bring your A game. For our Colorado based clients, it can be quite a jump to go from casting 4wt rods to an 8wt, and if you’re chasing GT’s, consider trying to get a 12wt rod/broom stick to bend without hauling your line. Not easy. I highly recommend taking a day or two in Hawaii to train your eyes for seeing fish, as well as work on your casting.

What’s Included

Once you get to CXI, all of your meals, lodging and ground transportation are included. We work with Christmas Island Outfitters and stay at Crystal Beach. You will have the best and most friendly guides on the island working with you as you depart by truck or catamaran for the day. Sight fishing is the name of the game here as shallow water and tailing fish make CXI so special. Bonefish in the 2 to 4 pound class are abundant. The population keeps getting healthier since locals are not being able to keep as many bones, so it makes for an ever increasing 5 to 10 pound possibility. Click the link below for more details.



Get yourself to Hawaii at least 24 hours before your flight to CXI, because there is only one flight a week and you don’t want to miss it. We will be flying Fiji Air to CXI which will be arranged through a travel agency.

Typical Daily Schedule:
6:00AM: Wake
6:30AM: Breakfast
7:00AM: Depart for flats
8:00AM – 4:30PM: Fishing
5:30PM: Back at the lodge
7:00PM: Dinner

Not Included

$2690 is your package price not including airfare to Hawaii or CXI. This will add around $1500 to your trip. Also not included are gear, fishing license, gratuity for your guide ($20 U.S. a day), gratuity for the staff, alcohol, or your meals and lodging while in Hawaii. So a typical trip to Christmas Island with a stay in HW will be around $4500.