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Where we Guide


The South Platte

Where we Guide


Where we Guide

The Blue River

Where we Guide

The South Platte, Denver

Where we Guide


The Dream Stream

Where we Guide

We guide primarily along the South Platte river at the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area, Spinney Mountain State Park, Dream Stream, Eleven Mile State Park, Deckers, Tomahawk, Spinney Mountain, and also the Blue River in Summit County. All of our trips are designed around you. We love to walk alongside those who haven’t yet fly fished, as well as help brush up the skills of the seasoned angler. Sharing our passion for this amazing sport while having a great time on the water is our goal.


Our Rates: All Gear Included

  • 1 Angler 1/2 Day  $295    Full Day $350

  • 2 Anglers 1/2 Day $355   Full Day $450

  • 3 Anglers 1/2 Day $450   Full Day $550

1/2 day trips are 4 hours of river time. Full day trips are 7hours of river time and include riverside lunch.

Guiding Price Includes

All your gear is included on these trips. On full day guide trips we also provide lunch so please let your guide know of any food allergies or special meal requests you might have.

Not included on your day on the water is a fishing license or the guide gratuity, which we recommend starts at 20% the cost of the outing. Tips are based off of your experience with the guide. Our guides work hard to give you opportunities to catch fish, but we provide much more in making you a better fisherman.  If you had a great outing, then please take that into consideration when settling up at the end of the day with your guide.

At Everset Outfitters, we want to customize your day so that you get the most out of your time on the water. For example, this means if you want to work on casting, reading the water, spotting fish, rigging… just let the guide know and we will be happy to help out.